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Holly Plant



By Josie Whitehead

Holly Plant
To Church on Christmas Day

There’s a crib that lives within our church
    Which comes out once a year.
Outside, the weather may be cold,
    But in Church there’s Christmas cheer.

The figures standing round the crib
    Are clothed in Eastern dress.
Their faces look down at this child
    Whose name I think you’ll guess.

Then, when the Christmas season’s past,
    They’re stored once more away,
But next year out they’ll come again
   On view on Christmas Day.


The church is full - packed to the brim!
    The sermon’s been well planned
And it’s time to sing a Christmas carol
     And everybody stands.

God really hopes, with all his heart,
    That the Christian message stays
Within the hearts of those who come
    To church on Christmas Day.

Unlike the crib that’s packed away
    To return again next year,
God’s messages should stay with us -
      Not simply disappear.

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