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School Poems

By Josie Whitehead

School Uniform
School Kids
School Kid
Students School Entrance


By Josie Whitehead

'Twas the Week Before School Starts

Twas the week before school starts
      So prepare now to change,  
And wearing new clothing
      Will seem a bit strange!

‘Twas the end of the summer
       So what will I wear?
'A new uniform,'  said Mother,
      Which doesn’t seem fair.

In some other countries
   They wear other clothes:
Tee-shirts and trousers,
   Well I would suppose.

‘Twas the week before school starts
      So off to the shop
And Mother’s voice calls us:
    'Come on now, chop chop!'

The problem for children 
      Is just what you’ll know.
We never stay dormant
     But continue to grow.

So last year’s school clothing
     Now no longer fits,
So it’s off to the clothes shop
    To buy our school kits.

To waste summer’s sunshine
    Seems not really cool,
But it’s goodbye school holidays

      And hello to school.

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