Bird Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Two Shy Moorhens - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Two Shy Moorhens

Miss Mary and Sir Thomas

     Are two moorhens pert and sweet,

Strutting round my garden

     For something good to eat.


Said Miss Mary to Sir Thomas:

     'There’s some bird seed over there.

I think there could be just enough

     To feed a little pair.'


Said Sir Thomas to Miss Mary:

     'Our lake is frozen hard.

Eating in this garden means

     We must surely keep on guard.'


'I’ve often heard it said by some

     That people can be cruel

And to put our faith in humans,

     Would make us look like fools.'


'Are you sure you’re not mistaken?'

      Said his pretty little wife.

'The ducks come here each summer

      And they lead a happy life!'


'Have you heard of duck l’orange then?'

      Came her husband’s short retort.

'A duck who trusts their kindness,

      Finds its life cut rather short.'


These words were uttered quickly

     Whilst they grabbed the seed and ran,

For they thought they should stay hidden

     From the sight of evil man.


'Let’s dash through our hedge tunnel

     For we can’t afford to wait.

Our frozen lake is preferable

     To being on their plate.'

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