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Big Tree


Tree Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


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Dry Leaf


By Josie Whitehead

The Visitors

'Who’s that on my trunk?' the large oak tree said.
     'Who’s creeping and crawling on me?'
'There’s nothing to fear,' called a cheeky small voice:
     'We’re caterpillars, all of us, three.'

'Who’s that on my branch?' the tree then called out.
       'Who’s singing a song in my ear?'
'Oh, you’ve no need to worry,' came back a reply.
     'It’s the blackbird whose song you can hear.'

'And who’s tap-a-tapping?  Whose sharp beak is that?
      It’s something that fills me with dread.'
'Oh stop your complaining. You surely know me!'
      A cheeky young woodpecker said.

'Who’re you in that hole then?' the large oak tree called.
       'You’re calling for food all the day.'
'We’re black baby starlings,' came back the reply,
      'And we hope that we’ll soon fly away.'

'Who’s that in my treetop?  Who’s tickling my leaves?'
      'It’s me,' the grey squirrel replied.
'Nobody else can chase fast up your trunk!'
      And the squirrel was grinning with pride.

The trees give their shelter to many small things.
     It’s a haven - a safe place to stay -
And the trees know the guests who come and who go -
     And feel sad when they go on their way.

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