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Wakefield, City with a Heart

A cathedral’s spire stands straight and tall

And watches distant traffic crawl,

       Whilst the River Calder passes by

        Beneath a dark and cheerless sky.


Long past, in distant days of yore,

* Wakefield played its part in war:

         But modern Wakefield does its part

        *Exhibiting contemporary art.


The Yorkshire Sculpture Park now calls

Where art is not hemmed in by walls.

       So follow me – we’ve time to spare.

       See sculptures in our good fresh air.


The National Mining’s Museum’s nearby:

 They’ve guided tours – come on, let’s try.

      Here coalminers, in dirt and grit

      Endured hard work within a pit.


Our day in Wakefield now is done 

But you can see we’ve had some fun.

       So, Wakefield, city with a heart,

        It’s sad to say we must depart.

Copyright on all my poems


* Wakefield played its part in war:

* Exhibiting contemporary art:

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