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Minibeast Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Wanda Woodlouse - .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Wanda Woodlouse

Hi!  I’m Wanda Woodlouse.  Well, how do you do?

I live under this stone.  Oh! I thought that you knew.

    One cousin’s a lobster and another’s a crab.

    I’ve a hard little shell but my colour’s quite drab.


What?  Can I run fast?  Yes, you bet that I can.

With fourteen short legs, I’ve twelve more than a man.

    Now look under my body.  Well, what can you see?

    It’s a pouch full of eggs that is clinging to me.


When my eggs hatch and my young ones are born

I’ll carry them with me and keep them all warm.

    Then when they get bigger, they’ll live on their own

    And they’ll each have a little home under a stone.


They’ll chew up old leaves and they’ll scuttle around.

They’ll live their short lives quite at home on the ground.

     Now I’ll hurry back home to my little stone house.

     So goodbye to you children

                                            From Wanda Woodlouse

Copyright on all my poems and picture

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