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Flower Poems

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

We Humans Are in Charge
Wild Flowers

With some jealousy the celandine

      Regards the daffodil

That is picked with love and proudly sits

     Upon my window sill.


The poor celandines upon my lawn

     Are pounced upon with hate,

Yet I love the ones that live and thrive

     Outside my garden gate.


With its golden head towards the sun

     The dandelion’s maligned.

Yet these ‘weeds’ that gardeners vilify

     Have much to give mankind


For within this flower, we now have found,

    Are things good for our health

But we still condemn and root them out

     With unrepentant stealth.


These bright trespassers upon my lawn

       Soon make their presence felt

And then surely that’s the reason why

      My punishment is dealt.


There is neither flower that will accept

     That humans are in charge,

But they quickly get the message when

      Weed killer I discharge.

Copyright on all my poems

Celandines:  I actually love celandines when they are in woodlands, but in my garden they take control of my lawn and become a 'weed' which is impossible, almost, to control.  So whilst the daffodil takes pride of place, the celandine does not.  Josie 

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