Anti-Bullying Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Best Friends


By Josie Whitehead

We're Better Without Bullying

We’re better without bullying:

    I think you will agree,

Bullying does dreadful things

    To harm both you and me.


Bullying can make you feel

     Quite sad deep down inside.

Bullying can make you want

     To run away and hide.


We’re better without bullying:

     Who likes bullies anyway?

Let’s turn our backs on bullies

     And drive them all away.


Bullying can cause distress,

    Heartache, fear, unease.

Bullies get an inner thrill

    From others that they tease.


We’re better without bullying:

     Don’t let them win the day.

Don’t rise to taunts and sarcasm

    But calmly walk away.


Bullying can make you feel

    Quite worthless deep inside -

But this is not how you should feel

    But good and full of pride.

We’re better without bullying:

     Don’t feel you can’t report

Because you’ll find so many folk

      Who’ll offer their support.


Your teachers, parents or your friends

      Won’t like to see you sad,

And do most people like these folk?

     Oh no, we think they’re bad.

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