School Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Learning with Tablets

By Josie Whitehead
Welcome Back After Christmas

Welcome back to school again

     After your Christmas break.

Have all the mince pies disappeared,

      As well as Christmas cake?


Have the chocolates all been eaten up

        And the other goodies too?

Well, welcome back to everyone

        It’s so good to see you.


You’ll be pleased to see your friends again

       And to all exchange your news,

But there’s so much work to do this term,

      So no time for a snooze.


‘Wake up that boy there at the back!

         We’ve work to do today!’

And, yes, he did hear what was said

      And his face dropped in dismay.


It’s time to start your new school year,

     So remove that face of dread,

And, with my school days far behind . . . . .

      I’ll spend my day in bed!


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Oh no I won't.  Poets are such busy people.  I might drop into your class and see you so be careful!!!