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Bird Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead

Well, Hello Mr Tawny Owl - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Well Hello Mr Tawny Owl

Well, hello Mr Tawny Owl.
     Do you look for me?
I’m Fred, the tiny woodland mouse,
     Who lives beneath your tree.

I know you’re up above me there
     And you’re dozing through your day.
I also know you like mice steaks
     But we’re not your only prey.

You sometimes eat those little birds,
     And beetles, worms and frogs,
But I’m sure you’d find it difficult
     To munch on cats and dogs.

How can you sit just snoozing there,
     When the sun is shining bright?
The little birds don’t like you owls
     And they’re out to pick a fight!

Your silent wings fly stealthily.
     You’ve fantastic ears and eyes,
The world’s dark when you come to life,
     But you’re the master of disguise.

So, hello you old tawny owl.
     We know your nasty tricks,
And mother duck is watching you
     Sat gazing at her chicks.

Is it a lonely world for you
     In your silent world of night?
The sun brings us a brand new day,
     And you shut your eyes up tight!

You’re perched up there so silently
     And I’m filled with dismay - 
So take yourself, your hoot as well,
      And please fly far away.

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