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White Shopping Bag


R  i d d l e s 

By Josie Whitehead

White Shopping Bag
Children raising hands


By Josie Whitehead

What Are They?

You can earn them, you can spend them

     You can save them, if you can

And perhaps you might invest them

     In a bank or pension plan.


You can polish every single one,

       And they’ll shine just like the sun,

But I think that spending lots of them

      Might bring you much more fun.


 You cannot plant them in the ground;

      I’m sure they will not grow.

  And none of them are instruments

        To beat or even blow!    


You’d be silly if you ate these things!

      They’d be quite hard to chew,

And a coin can’t do what I can do:

       That’s write a poem for you!

Copyright on all my poems

(Answer:- Coins, of course).

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