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Easter Poems for Children 

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Where Are They?

I hunted under stones and trees
      And then looked in a hedge.
I searched  the woodlands and the fields
      And by the water’s edge.

'I have some!' called a mother duck.
     The blackbird had some too.
The little sparrows in the hedge
     Had five, it’s very true.

The big black crow, up in the tree,
    Had built her nest up high.
'I also have some,' she called out,
     From somewhere in the sky.

The robin said: 'I’ve three of them,
     And soon they will be hatched,'
But the pretty ones I hunted for –
    Well, none could be well matched -

For the ones I looked so hard to find -
      The ones I love the best –

Were the gorgeous, chocolate Easter eggs
      That you’ll not find in a nest.

                                                      Or will you?

Copyright on all my poems


Easter Eggs on Hay
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