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White Rose County (The)

Unspoilt coastlines, heathered moors;
Cliffs which drop to sandy shores.
     Windswept fells and rolling sea:
      Yorkshire is the place to be.​

Stunning landscapes, brackened hills;
Farndale where wild daffodils
    Stretch along the River Dove.
    Yorkshire is the place I love.​

National parks?  For certain, three,
And Yorkshire bathes in history.
      Castles, abbeys, stately homes;
      Hills and dales in which to roam.​

Moorland tarns and rushing gills;
Purple heather on our hills.
     Waterfalls dive from on high,
      Larks and curlews in the sky.​

Windswept moors with bleating sheep;
Ducks who through my windows peep.

     Limestone pavements, sheltered coves:
     Yorkshire’s unique treasure troves.​

Cliff tops with their bracing walks;
Seabirds swoop and loudly squawk.
     Grand hotels, small B&B’s.
     Yorkshire folk just love to please.​

Yorkshire restaurants - top cuisine.
Food fit for kings or queens
Who know that Yorkshire cooking’s fine,
     Accompanied by Yorkshire wine!​

Modern cities, buildings tall;
Tiny hamlets, dry stone walls.
     Lots of rivers in our dales;
     Yorkshire folk with Yorkshire tales.

Towns and cities? They’re our pride,
Where old and new sit side by side;
      Cobbled streets, and motorways;
      Pastures where our cattle graze.​

Music?  Goodness, name your choice,
Both instrument and  human voice;
     Ballet, opera, drama, art:
     Just a few things for a start.​

Yorkshire beer – yes, don’t forget;
Sports to make the bodies’ sweat:
     Football, cricket, tennis, bowls
     All delight our human souls.​

One last thing I’ve overlooked,
The passion on which I am hooked:
     Wise men say: 'Write poetry -
     Well, if your goal’s longevity.'

Copyright on all my poems 



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