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Minibeast Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead
Who Chew Poo - Cream .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Who Chew Poo?

Which insect has disgusting taste?
     Well, come on, who chew poo?
For sure some insects love this food.
     It’s not a lie.  They do!

The dung beetles think chewy poo’s
    The yummiest food of all,

But first they'll push their tasty meals
    Along in a huge ball.

Who’d like to be a dung beetle?
    Oh put your hands up please!
Transporting dung in massive piles
    This beetle does with ease.

Hands up who thinks he's stronger 
    Than this beetle?  No you’re not!

These strongest creatures in our world
      Would outperform you lot!


Apart from in Antarctica
     You’ll find them everywhere,
Shoving, pushing great poo balls
     And taking lots of care.


Sat at your desk - well think ahead:
     What would YOU love to do?
I’ll bet there’ll not be one of you
     Who’ll work at rolling poo.

Copyright on all my poems 


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