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Christmas Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


Watercolor Turkey 1


By Josie Whitehead

Who'd Be a Turkey at Christmas

Who’d be a turkey at Christmas?
      It’s something I’m sure that you’d hate.
When everyone said: 'Happy Christmas,'
      You’d know you were nearing that date.


Who’d be a turkey at Christmas?
      Receive presents?  No certainly not!
And instead of a sleigh and a snowman 
      You’d be put where it’s horribly hot.

Who’d be a turkey at Christmas?
      Oh, I’m sure you’d be feeling depressed,
And of course, all your brothers and sisters,
     Would also be feeling quite stressed.

Who’d be a turkey at Christmas?
      Well turkeys don’t like ice or snow,
So with warm summer days far behind you,
    Turkey-Heaven’s a nice place to go. 

You would spend Christmas day with your family
     On a cloud far away in the sky.
So with this happy thought you’d be ready
    To wish human beings goodbye!

Copyright on all my poems

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