Minibeast Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Who Likes Snails for Breakfast_
Who Likes Snails - Heading .jpg


What do you eat for breakfast?

      Is it cereal or toast?

I’ll tell you what a blackbird eats:

      He likes a snail the most.


What do you eat mid morning?

      A biscuit and a drink?

I’ll tell you what a blackbird eats:

      A wriggly worm, I think


The school bell rings at 12 o’clock.

     What will you eat for lunch?

Now ask the blackbird what he likes:

      'Oh a spider’s nice to munch.'


It’s time for home so goodbye school

     And off back home you scoot.

For tea you’ll have some fish and chips

      Whilst the blackbird likes his fruit.



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