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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

(A Classroom Drama)

Wicked Wizard and the Elves (The)

The Elves said:

'Wizard, great wizard, what must we do
To become famous and rich, exactly like you?'

The wizard replied:

'Look all around you. You have all that you need. 
Work hard for me now! Enough of your greed!'

The Elves thought:

But look how he lives. He seems to do well.
Now surely he’ll help us make one little spell.'
      'A life without money makes us feel depressed. 
       Oh please, Mr Wizard, just grant this request.'

The wizard thought:

'Famous and rich? What good would that be?
They'd soon scuttle off and who’d work for me?
     I’ll tell them a lie – put an idea in their heads,' 
      And with a smirk on his face, here’s what he said:



'When you see a full moon sitting high in the sky,
Here’s a little known trick that I think you could try.
      Catch in your bucket the moon’s silver reflection.
      You’ll see where it shines. Row in that direction.'

And he pointed his finger to the river:

Each evening they waited and looked up at the sky. 
Then one night the full moon shone down from on high.
     The elves took their boats and went to the river.
      A cold wind was blowing, but they’d no time to shiver.

Far out in the river went the three little boats
And sitting inside were the elves in green coats.
      Far out on that river the moonbeams shone bright:
      'All that valuable silver!' they thought with delight.

Now rivers spell danger, as people know well,
And the little boats soon bounced along on the swell.
They crashed on the rocks, the small elves were drowned
     And I’m afraid that a sad end was all that they found.

Copyright on all my poems 

Surely the moral of this story is:  Don't be taken in by promises made by a wizard?  What do you think?  However, some stories have happy endings and perhaps the wizard had his comeuppance (his punishment for what he did).  How would you end this story? Josie



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