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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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World's Worst Snob (The) - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

World's Worst Snob (The)

My mother’s brother, Uncle Bob,

Must surely be the world’s worst snob.

     He's very rich, beyond all doubt!

     Just listen when he starts to spout.


An Aston Martin One-77 -

He’ll even drive this car to Heaven.

     His aim’s to make the heads all turn;

      It shows the world he’s cash to burn.


A swimming pool?  Well, yes, of course,

And don’t forget his racing horse.

     A helicopter and its pad -

     Such luxuries are far from bad.


A palace?  Well, he’s nearly there;

He’ll buy one when he sells his shares.

     A spaceship?  That’s next on his list;

     It’s something that could not be missed.


Best at golf?  He’s trying hard!

A chauffeur and, of course, a guard.

     He only thinks about his wealth,

     A subject that’s crept up with stealth.


He even thinks that God will say:

'Welcome to Heaven - if you pay!'

      But the Bible says wealth plays no part:

      God’s Kingdom’s for the pure in heart. 


So with this thought well in his mind

Perhaps today he’ll feel inclined

     To sell the things he proudly owns

     In order that he’ll reach God’s throne.


The money from these many things

Will, to the poor, most surely bring

     Some food, some clothes, perhaps a job,

     All sent with love from Uncle Bob.

Copyright on all my poems

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