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Travel and Transport Poems

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

Yesterday's Giants

The steam train comes roaring in haste down the track

With its eyes looking forwards; no time to look back.

     Like a dragon that billows white smoke in a cloud

    The steam train glides forward both haughty and proud.


It smiles at the children who wave from the bridge,

Whilst sheep start to canter with fright to the ridge.

       In a tunnel this giant will hide for a while,

       Then, sleek as the devil, come out in some style.


With strength it pulls gently its coaches behind,

Quite proud of the work that it has been assigned.

       But yesterday’s giants are still cherished by all

       And in terms of respect they will always stand tall.

Copyright on all my poems


Can you see any metaphors, similes or personification in this poem?  If so, list them and write some yourself in connection with a steam train.    Josie

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