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Yorkshire - A County to Talk About - Hea


By Josie Whitehead

Yorkshire - A County To Talk About

I love: 

Black faced sheep on heathered moors,
Waves that crash on sandy shores,
    Motorways and country lanes;

    Commuters waiting for their trains.

Hills that rise to touch the clouds;
Football games that draw the crowds;
    Sweet fat rascals, Yorkshire pud -
    Oh yes, the food in Yorkshire’s good!

Waterfalls and rushing streams.
Men compete in cricket teams.
   Terraced houses, row by row; 
   Gardens where the roses grow.

Towers ascend from city hearts.
We’ve galleries with works of art.
    Ballet, opera, music, plays,
    Win for Yorkshire lots of praise.


Universities and schools,
Tennis clubs and swimming pools;
   Restaurants with good cuisine
   Quite fit to put before the Queen.

Yorkshire folk?  Oh where to start?
We’ve those that are renowned for art.
    We’ve playwrights, poets by the score;
    We’ve fiction writers and much more.

We’ve actors, athletes, entertainers,
Social workers and campaigners.
   There must be some I’ve sadly missed
   But you'll have them upon your list.
I think that from this poem you’ll see
That Yorkshire’s just the place for me,
    And visitors must be impressed
    And surely say that Yorkshire’s best!

Copyright on all my poems 

Sheffield University

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