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By Josie Whitehead

Yorkshire Food

Our Mum, a right good Yorkshire cook,
Claims not to have a cookery book.   
     Her apple pie is quite supreme,
     If served with cheese and not with cream.

Her Yorkshire pudding is a must:
Soft inside with crispy crust.
    Cooked in a tin that’s nicely greased,
   Then served with beef!  Oh what a feast!

Yorkshire fat rascals, you’ll agree,
Are at their best washed down with tea.
    Packed to the brim with good dried fruit.
    Their rascal faces, make them cute.

Another tempting dish to try, 
Is not a pudding, cake or pie.
     For something special, as a treat,
     Yorkshire curd tart’s good to eat.

Yorkshire’s scenery’s the best.
Its good fresh air will help you rest,
     But, when you give your friends a call,
      Say: 'Yorkshire’s food is best of all.'



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