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Poems About Healthy Eating

for Children

By Josie Whitehead




By Josie Whitehead

You'll Never Hear an Orange Sneeze

You’ll never hear an orange sneeze.
     It doesn’t catch a cold.
They’re full of Vitamin C of course,
     Which protects us, we are told.
Now a cod’s a really lucky fish,
     Packed with Omega 3,
So a cod won’t get arthritis -
     Quite unlike poor old me.
Salmon’s not just good to eat
     But makes our brains work well.
A salmon would write poetry
     If only he could spell.
Apples help to keep you young -
     They’ve antioxidants inside,
Perhaps they also would stay young
     If apples could but hide.
Fruit is important to our health -
     Eat five fruits every day -
Then you’ll be fit and healthy
     And that’s exactly how you’ll stay.

Copyright on all my poems


*Note:  This poem was chosen by teachers and children and was published in 2010 in my book:  'JOSIE'S POEMSThe Anthology' - AMS Publishers, Leeds.

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