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S e n s e s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Your Five Important Senses

Listen, dear children – what do you hear?
Well, listen again, for it's perfectly clear!
     It's the sound of some music, the patter of rain -
     And that noise up above is the purr of a plane.


Perhaps that's the wind as it noisily blows -
Or your Daddy who's busily blowing his nose.
     I now hear the kettle that's on for the tea,
     And is that the telephone ringing for me?

Look little children and what do you see?
A beautiful cake made especially for me?
    Or the rose that is blooming in this flower bed,
    With petals of velvet and gorgeous dark red.

It's a dog that I see as it comes down the path.
It's the flannel and soap that I have in my bath.
    I see Mummy who's waiting for me at home-time.
    It's Dad's working overalls, covered with grime.

Now taste this, dear children. Does it taste sweet?
No, it's a savoury taste which I think could be meat.
     Now this tastes quite salty – that's no good for me!
     So I'll wash it away with a nice cup of tea.

Now see how this feels: Is it round, perhaps square?
Is it tiny and soft like a small strand of hair?
    Is it wet, is it dry, is it soft, is it hard?
    It's small and it's plastic.  It's my library card.

The last sense of all is the one in your nose.
It's the one that distinguishes a fish from a rose.
    It's the sense that can tell you Mum's baking a cake,
    And I know that smell well. It's chocolate milk shake.

All creatures have senses – they're not just for man,
And we use all our senses as soon as we can.
     They feed to our brains information we need,
     And all this is done at incredible speed.

So next time you look, or you taste or you smell -
And you touch and you see things you recognize well -
     Think well of these senses and all that they do
     For without our five senses - well what would we do?

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