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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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All So Different

The world is full of animals -
     The large ones and the small;
The little ones who squeak and hide
     And those who’re very tall.

Some are brown and others black;
     Some have spotted coats.
Some kill others for their meat,
     Whilst some eat grass, like goats.

Some are quiet but others roar
     And some just bark or mew,
But don’t forget the human ones -
     The ones like me and you.

Most animals walk on their feet
     But one can really fly:
Look at the sky when day is done.
     You’ll see one flying by.
Bats aren’t birds but animals,
     And whales and dolphins too,
But if you want to see lots more
     Just visit any zoo.

You’ll meet so many animals
     You’ve never seen before:
The creatures of the day you’ll see,
     Whilst those of night will snore.

Our world’s a fascinating place
     And it really seems to me
There’s somewhere for us all to live
     On land, in air and sea.

Copyright on my poems


PS - You do know that you are an animal too, don't you?

In  what way are you different to a bird, a fish or an insect?




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