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Animal Poems 

By Josie Whitehead

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Wild Icelandic Horses


By Josie Whitehead

Animals are Amazing

A giraffe’s long tongue can wipe its eyes
    And also clean its ears.
Its sight and hearing’s critical
    With lions living near. 

The polar bears have thick white fur,
    And skins as black as night.
A seal knows he’s their favourite dish
   And wise ones hide from sight.

An ostrich, with its powerful legs,
   Of course, can move with speed
But those big legs are super-strong:
   They’ll kill when there’s a need.

A beaver’s teeth just grow and grow -
   To keep them short, they’ll gnaw.
So should one wish to leave your home
    He’ll just gnaw through your door.

The tiger wears distinctive stripes.
    Its coat’s an awesome sight.
It’s the largest feline in our world

    And hunts for food at night.

By sound waves bats locate their prey.
    Their echoes can’t be heard,
But bats are mammals, just like us,
   Yet fly just like a bird.

All zebras have terrific speeds,
    Like any other horse,
And, when a lion is on your tail,
    You’ll move at speed, of course.

The creatures living in our world
     Are awesome, that’s for sure,
And if, like me, you’re interested,
     You’ll want to learn much more.

Copyright on all my poems

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