Winter Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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(Simile Poem)

By Josie Whitehead

As White as This Wintry Scene

As wild as the wind whistling over the moors;
As loud as the creaks of the windows and doors.
     As soft as the rain that patters on glass
     And splashes cool droplets on hedges and grass.

As cold as the wind that blows on your face
And bows the stark trees without any disgrace.
      As fast as the clouds that storm over the sky
      And hide the night’s stars shining far up on high.

As feathery as flakes of white dancing snow;
As bright as the moon with her silvery glow.
      As white as the snowman who’s built the next day
      As the children rejoice in their wintry play.

As white and as wintry as this season can be,
And detested by many, especially by me,
     There’s beauty galore in this white wintry scene -   
     Sparkling and glistening with its silvery sheen.


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