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Deer Silhouette

Animal Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Giraffe at the Zoo


By Josie Whitehead

At the Zoo

Let's go to the zoo

     And there what shall we see?
Well now put on your coat

       And then come, follow me.

Look an elephant!  

     Oh!!  What a very large size!
And, of course, people know

     That an elephant’s wise!

The camel works hard

     In the harsh desert heat
Walking calmly through sand

      On his sure-footed feet.

But the polar bear’s world

     Is so cold and remote
And he’s glad nature gave him

      His thick white fur coat.

Chimpanzees are quite clever,

      Like you and like me,
But would you swap your life

      For a life in a tree?

Here are penguins.  Oh look!  

     You can clearly see three.
They are birds who’re at home

     On the land and the sea!

With a very long neck

     And head high in that tree,
The giraffe is an animal

      We all want to see.

There are many more animals

     Who'd like to see you 
When you go with your family

       For a day at the zoo.

Copyright on my poems


SCHOOL PROJECT - Why don't you make this poem a centrepiece on your classroom wall and add pictures of your favourite zoo animals around it?

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