Simple Maple Leaves



Autumn Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Simple Maple Leaves
Golden Leaves


By Josie Whitehead

Autumn Leaves

Autumn cascades golden hues
     From high up in the trees.
They twist and turn in fast swing dance
     Upon the eastern breeze.

Reluctantly they clothe the path
     And lay just where they're put,
Until, unnoticed, they are crushed
     Beneath a human foot.

Their lives on earth were shortly lived
     High in their mother tree,
And do you know why they were there?
      Providing energy.

They've captured sunshine for the tree,
     And rain as it came down,
And high above our human heads
     They've made a verdant crown.

The tree has now absorbed these things
     And no longer needs its leaves,
And autumn winds steal up on them
      And snatch them, just like thieves.

'Goodbye, goodbye,' the bright leaves call.
      'Our work on earth is done,'
Whilst children play, with little thought,
      Out in the autumn sun.

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