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Autumn Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Autumn's Return

The summer sun is fading fast;
     The days are shortening now.
The fields of wheat have come and gone
     And the farmer starts to plough.

The swallows gather one by one -
     They know this time of year -
And the holidays with sea and sun,
     Are sadly gone, I fear.

The leaves turn gold upon the trees
      And then flutter to the ground,
And the little squirrel, hiding nuts,
       Feels glad with all he's found.

The blackberries upon their bush,
     Still ripen in the sun,
But, as they blacken, sweet with juice,
     They're taken, one by one.

It's back to school for girls and boys,
     With many things to learn.
We know that schooldays quickly pass
     And summer will return.

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