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Autumn Senses Poem

By Josie Whitehead

Holiday Pumpkins
Holiday Pumpkins
Girl with Autumn Leaf


By Josie Whitehead

Autumn Senses Poem (An)

Feel autumn:


Feel a drop in the temperature?   Autumn is near.

Feel the crackle of leaves now?  For certain it’s here.

      Feel the wind on your cheek and the rain on your nose?

      Yes autumn’s arrived – well I would suppose.


See autumn:


See the change in the colours of leaves on the trees?

See them drop to the pavement and dance on the breeze?

      See the swallows prepare to make their long flight?

      There’s so much less daytime and so much more night.


Smell autumn:


Smell bonfires that send up their sparks in the sky.

Smell apple and cinnamon – Mum’s apple pie;

     Smell wood burning stoves which keep humans warm.

     There’s a change in the weather – prepare for a storm.


Taste autumn:


Taste the lovely fresh fruit newly picked from the trees.

Taste honey for tea, newly made by the bees.

    Taste blackberries, chestnuts and perhaps pumpkin pie.

    There are so many wonderful foods you should try. 


Hear autumn:


Hear the wind as it howls over cities and moors –

As it rattles the windows and knocks on the doors.

    And, with the crackle of bonfires and fireworks, it’s clear –

    That it’s 5th of November – so Autumn IS here!

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