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Pine Spruce Branches 7


Christmas Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Pine Spruce Branches 7


By Josie Whitehead

Bear That Nobody Wanted

I'm a little brown bear that nobody bought.
They've all gone on home without even a thought.
     Tomorrow is Christmas - I’ll try not to cry
     And splatter the tears down my posh little tie.

The lights are all out and I'm here on the shelf
But I'm not all alone - no I'm not by myself.
     There's a soldier, a doll, a bright yellow train,
     A little blue car and a smart aeroplane.

The store's Christmas lights went out sharply at six.
We heard the 'bye-byes' and the switches went click,
     But though it's quite true that we all feel upset,
     We're planning a party tonight just you bet!

I'm planning a dance with the dolly in blue
But where we'll get music, I haven't a clue.
     Look!  On the top shelf there's a drum and a fiddle,
     So it's on with our glad rags and Hey Diddle Diddle!

There's plenty of food in the food hall for sure,
And the wine-store for certain won't sell any more.
     So, at midnight, when folks go to bed feeling hearty,
     It's on with our lights and get set for the party.

We'll wish all you children best wishes for Christmas.
We're the toys that you didn't want, so you'll never miss us.
     We'll dance and we'll sing and we'll try to make merry.
     We'll all have mince pies and some glasses of sherry.

So play and be happy, as all children will,
And when the shops open you’ll find us here still.
     BUT . . . when you come to see us in our usual places,
     Be sure that you notice the smiles on our faces. 

Copyright on all my poems

*Glad rags = clothes for a special occasion; one's best or most showy clothes.

'She changed out of her glad rags and tugged on old jeans.'

. . .   And 'Hey Diddle Diddle' is an English nursery rhyme, but I mean: 'Let's have a good time!'  ie Put on our party clothes and let's have a good time. 




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