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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Afternoon Tea


By Josie Whitehead

Handsome Duck.jpg
Belinda's Tearooms
Handsome Duck.jpg

There’s a tearoom in the country

     Where Belinda’s making tea.
She’s watching out for customers,

     Especially you and me.

Whilst she’s busy here and there

     And serving us today,
There are others who’ll be joining us,

     Who don’t intend to pay.

Look behind the radiator -

     Can you see that little hole?

Who do you think might live there?  

      Not a rabbit nor a mole!

It’s a little mouse called Tiny,

     Who loves the crumbs from buns
And when Tiny thinks the coast is clear,

     Then Tiny quickly runs.

The window in the corner

     Sends out messages as well,
For the flies, the wasps and bluebottles

     All recognize the smell.  

It tells them that Belinda’s

    Making homemade scones for tea
And every insect tells himself:

     'She’s making these for me.'

They also join the party

     And the wasps head for sweet jam.
The bluebottle sees what he likes

     And lands upon the ham.

The fly is somewhat cautious

     And is tempted to some cake,
But a human hand comes quickly,

     So he knows it’s a mistake.

There are customers outside as well,

     Beneath the apple trees
And, in warm summer sunshine,

     They now order cake and teas.

The garden has a duck pond

     And the ducks like cake and bread
And, with swimming practice over,

     They know exactly where to head.

The customers all love to see

     The ducks come for their tea,
So lots of cakes and bread are thrown

     And all of it is free!

There are birds up in the treetops

     Who love some cake crumbs too.
One landed on the table,

     Grabbed some cake and off he flew.

There are lots of little eyes alert

     To what is on my plate.
Many creatures think a tearoom

     In the country’s really great.

So other than we humans,

     Paying for the things we eat,
There are customers who never pay

     And for them it’s a free treat.

Copyright on all my poems





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