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Teddy Bear


Story Poems
for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead  


Teddy Bear
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By Josie Whitehead

Benjamin Bear

Has anyone seen my poor Benjamin Bear?
I’m lonely without him and full of despair.
    I’ve looked in my bedroom and under the chair
    But cuddly old Benjamin’s not anywhere.

I’ve looked in the cupboards; I’ve searched high and low,
But just cannot think where my poor bear would go.
    He’s not in the kitchen - I’ve searched twice in there.
    Now where do you think is my Benjamin Bear?

Mum hunted, Dad hunted and Tommy did too.
'Oh Benjamin Bear wherever are you?'
    We gave up the hunt for we’d shopping to do
    'Oh Benjamin Bear, I’m SO missing you!'

Out to the car then the family all trooped.
Dad opened the door and then suddenly stooped,
     And there on the floor - well who could be there?
     Why, curled up asleep, was my Benjamin Bear.

I’d dropped him, of course, and there he had lain
Quite safe and quite comfy till I came again.
     How glad we all were that we found him in there,
     My cuddlesome friend known as Benjamin Bear.

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