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Minibeast Poems
 for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Lizzy the Lazy Bee

Once there was a lazy bee:

       Lizzy was her name –

And Lizzy didn’t want to work,

     Which really was a shame ---


For all her sisters went to work

     All through the summer hours.

They gathered pollen – nectar too –

     From many pretty flowers.


It’s from their work that honey’s made –

     So good for bees and you –

But to return now to that lazy bee:

     Whatever should they do?


‘Now look here, lazy Lizzy bee:

     You’ll have to work, for sure!’

And the queen bee, cross with Lizzy Bee,

     Just kicked her through the door.


‘There’s no room here for bees like you

     Who want a life of ease.

For certain there’s much work to do

      For all we little bees.’


So Lizzy thought and thought again - - -

     And then what did she do?

Oh -  she now makes honey every day

     For me and also you.

Copyright on all my poems

Honey Jars
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