Minibeast Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead  

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Josie Whitehead

Beven the Grumble Bee

Beven was a grumble bee,
    Who liked to stay in bed,
Whilst all her elder sisters
    Were up and quickly fed.

Her Mum said: 'Come on Beven,
    There’s lots of work to do.
Your busy sisters go to work
    And you must do so too.'

But Beven shut her eyes up
    For she liked her life of ease.
She grizzled if she had to work,
    And didn’t want to please.

She grunted when the day was hot
    And groaned when it was cold.
She was not quite the sort of bee
    Who did what she was told.

The bees returned with nectar
    To find Beven getting up.
Their Mummy gave them honey drinks
    Inside their little cups.

Do you think that Beven had some?
     No, not likely, for you see,
The lazy bees, the grumble bees,
     Get nothing for their tea.

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