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Sea World Poems


By Josie Whitehead

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Blue Whale .jpg

By Josie Whitehead
Blue Whale (The)

I’m the King of the Deep and rule all I survey. 
Will you please swim aside and keep out of my way. 
     I'm the proudest of creatures with speed of a bird 
     And from hundreds of miles my voice can be heard. 
I’m Lord of the Ocean, blue whale of the sea. 
Observe me, admire me, resplendent and free. 
     Watch me diving and rising, then diving again.
      I'm a breathtaking giant in my global domain. 
My heart is colossal - I’m streamlined and sleek
And I’m proud to display both my strength and physique. 
     Blue whale calves will gain weight at ten pounds a day 
     And for more than a year with their parents they'll stay.
I rule the oceans for I’m King of the Deep. 
I take naps on my journey but don't need to sleep.  

    Whilst kings wear their crowns and magnificent robes, 
     In my mantle of blubber I circle the globe. 


Copyright on all my poems

NEWS:  Sea wildlife: Blue whales return home in Indian Ocean after 50 years.  See HERE

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