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Shadowing Poems for Fun

By Josie Whitehead

My following poem is a "shadow"of the poem 'Pied Beauty' by Gerard Manley Hopkins.  It follows his poem in form and in subject (but not in words, which is a breach of copyright).  We can learn a lot from the masters of an art, and humans learn, as animals do, by imitation.  I have tried to vary the words meaning "dappled" in many ways.  There is so much to celebrate in our world of dappled colours.  


Brindled Beauty.jpg

A 'Shadow Poem' of Pied Beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins

By Josie Whitehead

Brindled Beauty

Give thanks for things of multi-coloured hue:
   The speckled hen who scratches in the soil
         And marbled sky of fleetly fading day. 



The brindled moth that in the lamplight flew;
    The mottled snake, from which I do recoil -
        Who’s rattling throat strikes fear into her prey.



Praise be for colours of a dappled range -
    The tawny owl, contented dairy cow

          And freckled trout who in clear waters swim. 

God’s hand brings blessings to our dappled world –

                                                            Praise him.

Copyright on all my poems

So how many words do you know that mean 'pied' or 'brindled'?

Write the different words that mean the same from this poem.  Make

sure that you learn them.  Josie

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