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Christmas Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Can I Ride on Santa's Sleigh?

A mother asked her teenage son

     What Christmas gift he’d like:

A new football, some  roller skates,

     Or perhaps a mountain bike?


Her son was quite adventurous,

     So just what did he say?

‘There’s something that I’d really love:

      To ride on Santa’s sleigh.'


Most young folk wouldn’t think of this,

      But Daniel was brave,

And the thought of flying on a sleigh,

      Was rather a brainwave.


So an email went to Santa Claus,

    Who had a big surprise:

He needed help on Christmas Eve

     High up there in the skies.


A message soon came in reply:

     ‘Yes, I need help on that night,’

And: ‘Your Mum said you’re adventurous,

      So I’m sure you’ll be all right.’


So, on Christmas night, on Santa’s sleigh

     You may see this teenage son,

And the special gift that this boy had,

     Was lots and lots of fun.


He enjoyed his work with Santa Claus,

     And he’d nothing much to fear

For guess who’s found a job for life?

    Yes, Daniel has, each year.   


Copyright on all my poems      

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