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Retirement Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Clocking Up Another Year

When you're clocking up another year,

     And your hair is nicely whitened,

The wishes that your kind friends send

     Means life is gladly brightened.


The postman and the internet

      Bring wishes so sincere –

And those kind words sent by them all

     Will warm your heart all year.


But we hate the thought of getting old.

     I’m not the only one –

But not going off to school today

     Means I can have some fun.


No bossy teachers or homework.

     No doing as I’m told! - -

So don’t feel sad for all we grans;

     Good things can come when ‘old’.


So now’s the time to learn new things,

     To travel, dance and walk;

To make new friends, to do your jobs

     And, of course, there’s time to talk.


Now’s the time to do the things

      You’ve always wanted to –

So, embrace the year that’s now ahead

      Oh - and happy birthday too.

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