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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

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Senses Poems

Happy Twins


By Josie Whitehead

Colour Me Happy

Colour me happy and colour me gold.

Don’t add any blueness, for blue equals cold.

     Add warmth to my picture - some orange or gold.

     That shows that I’m happy - well that's what I'm told.


Colour me happy, the colour of sun,

And colour me happy when I’m having fun.

     The bright colour of yellow just lights up my day,

     And, feeling so happy, I’m off now to play.

Copyright on all my poems


They do say that colour affects your moods.

Do you agree?  If you were choosing the colour

of a new tee-shirt or wallpaper for your bedroom,

what colour would you like or do you have?

Actually, I like blue, although they say it is a cold

colour.  Josie

Little Yellow Flower
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