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Story Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Coloured Umbrella (The)

Did you see what I saw as it flew through the sky?
A coloured umbrella was flying up high.
     It chased little birds, it danced with the clouds
     And looked from above and laughed at the crowds.

The wind carried it far, over land and the sea,
And it saw a large lake and an orchard of trees.
     It looked at the desert, so golden and bare,
     And frightened some camels from up in the air.

Then, as the wind lessened, the umbrella came down,
Right there on the path of the park in our town.
     'Oh, look!' cried a girl as she walked in the park,
     And her dog wagged its tail and started to bark.

'What a lovely umbrella, with colours so bright.
You’re just what I want.  Oh!  What a delight!'
     Then the girl said, with the greatest of pleasure:
     'You’re my special umbrella - my own little treasure.'


In the wind and the rain she held onto it tight.
There was really no chance of another big flight.
     The umbrella was happy with its owner and home.
     With its adventure now over, no more did it roam!

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