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Deer Silhouette


Animal Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Deer Silhouette
Deer Looking Back


By Josie Whitehead


With antlered head and twitching ears,

For certain this must be the deer.

     With lithesome legs, surefooted feet,

     They’re animals who’re quite athlete.


At home in woods and on the moor

Their lives are often insecure.

     They’re hunted by both man and beast

     For deer can make a tasty feast.


With predators nearby they’ll flee,

With hooves to shake the roots of trees.

     With necks outstretched, in fright they’ll speed.

      Safe cover is their greatest need.


These nimble, antlered, regal deer,

Within their quiet woodland sphere,

     May find their lives, alas, cut short.

     For humans they’re a source of sport.


In herds, for safety, race the deer

And through the mist they’ll disappear.

     They’ll melt into the natural scene

     With woodland thicket as their screen.

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