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Animal Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Doggy in Bed
Doggy in Bed

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By Josie Whitehead

Dog's Dream (A)

How peacefully sleeps a dog, 
Her head to tail, so laid back; 
Eyes shut tight, nose wet 
And breathing getting deeper;
Eyelids closed and slumbering.

How peacefully she sleeps
Dreaming deep dreams of: 
Moorland scents of rabbits, 
Sheep, ducks and moorhens, 
Gorse and purple heather. 
Stretched now, paws twitching, 
Breathing becoming quicker, 
Eyelids flicker, muffled barks,
As she chases down hillsides 
Always pursuing the uncaught. 
I should like to sleep like a dog 
With such simplicity of thought - 
Dreaming of warm, sunlit days: 
Days of joy spent chasing rabbits 
With no thought of money or fame. 
Man cannot dream such dreams 
In such a quiet manner as this.
He dreams of broken hearts, 
The pursuit of wealth; of yesterday 
And perhaps also of tomorrow. 
Sleep, dog dreamer, in your world - 
Paws padding over soft green grass. 
Your world has a million different scents;
A world of faithfulness, love and trust.  
Sleep on in your own little world. 

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