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Christmas Decorations


Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Decorations


By Josie Whitehead

Don't Buy a Puppy for Christmas

Don’t buy a puppy for Christmas:
They like Christmas at home with their Mum 
And puppies can’t tell you their feelings
     For, unlike we humans, they're dumb.

Don’t buy a kitten for Christmas.
They are not children’s toys as you’ll know,
And leaving their brothers and sisters 
     Would be for small kittens a blow.

If you were a poor little puppy,
    Or a kitten or any small pet,
If removed by some huge human strangers,
    I know you’d miss Mum and would fret.  


Pets aren’t good presents for Christmas 
For a new home could cause them some fear.
Christmas, you know, can be noisy 
    And a day filled with laughter and cheer.

On a day far from these celebrations, 
     Bring a pet to a home quiet and still 
And they’ll soon become one of your family.
      Oh yes, I’m quite sure that they will.

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