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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Dustbin Monster.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Dustbin Monster (The)

I went to put my dustbin out
     But move it?  I could not!
I tried and tried but move it?  No!
     ‘Twas rooted to the spot.

'There’s something heavy in my bin,'
     Were words that came to mind.
I looked inside.  What could it be -
     And, oh, what did I find?

I found a monster sleeping there!
     Oh, H E L P !  What should I do?
If I could only move the bin,
     I’d take it to the zoo!

I telephoned the council
     For I thought they’d want to know,
And a kindly voice came on the phone
     And told me where to go.

They sent me here, they sent me there,
     But help me?  No, not one!
It seemed that no-one seemed to know
     Whatever should be done.

I went back to my dustbin . . . . and . . .
     I looked again within -
But there was simply nothing there
     Asleep within my bin.

So, where do dustbin monsters go?
     Perhaps you’ll have a clue?
I asked so many people this
     But they all said you knew.

                               . . . Well, do you?

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