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Easter Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Eight Chocolate Bunnies .jpg



By Josie Whitehead

Eight Chocolate Bunnies

Eight chocolate bunny rabbits
    Sat upon a shelf
And one bunny looked around
     And then thought to himself:

'I hope someone will buy me.
    I’m as pretty as can be.'
A customer came in the shop
    And said he wanted three.

Five chocolate bunny rabbits
    Sat upon a shelf
And one bunny thought of this
     And then said to himself:

'This little girl who’s in our shop –
     Well, will she look at me?'
'Yes, I will buy just two them'
     And this left only three.

So three chocolate bunny rabbits
     Sat upon that shelf.
One chocolate bunny rabbit
     Then said to himself:

'Oh two lovely little customers - 
      Someone’s little sons.'
'We'll have a bunny each,' they said,
      Which left behind just one.

There was one bunny sat alone
     Upon his lonely shelf
And this poor little bunny said
      Sadly to himself:

'Is there nobody that wants me?'
    And he began to cry,
But then I said:  'I'll buy him,'
     So he also said: 'Goodbye.'

There’s an empty shelf in this shop.
     The bunnies all were sold.
But  . . .  you had one for Easter -
     Well, that’s what I was told.

Copyright on all my poems

 This poem, along with almost 400 others, was chosen by teachers and children and published in my book "Celebrations" (AMS Educational Publishing Ltd) in 2010.  I hope you also like it.  Josie 

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