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How Do We All Express
Our Feelings?

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Expressing Ourselves

Some sounds in the world we cannot ignore:

Well, wouldn’t you run if you heard a loud roar?

      You might think: 'A lion!!' and then you would run

      For to be eaten by one – well that wouldn’t be fun!


If you heard a 'meow' – well, you’d recognize that,

As this sound, for certain, would come from a cat.

     'Meow'  means 'hello' or 'Please fill up my dish' –

      And, 'Oh I really do fancy some nice, tasty fish.'


A bark is a sound that you’ll surely have heard!

For that's how a dog speaks, without any word.

     When someone is knocking upon your front door,

      A dog's loud warning bark you can hardly ignore.


When animals meet, do they make lots of noise?

Well not like the shouting from girls and from boys.

      If you met a good friend, but you said not one word,

      Then I'm sure he would think this was rather absurd.


Put we people together and what do you hear?

Well, lots of loud talking that’s perfectly clear.

      So why do we do it?  Come let’s get this straight!

      It’s the way that, as humans, we communicate.


We don’t need to speak to express how we feel:

We can speak with our eyes, we can cry, we can squeal.

      Body language conveys what we feel in our minds.

      Self-expression’s important in the world of mankind.



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