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Seasonal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Four Seasons of Fun
Decorating easter Eggs
Family at a Beach
Trick or Treat

                      W I N T E R

Winter’s here, the wind blows cold
      And snowflakes tumble down,
Coating rooftops, covering trees
       And shops within our town.

 Here come the sledges in the snow
       And snowmen quickly made.
My winter day’s been so much fun
       With all the games I’ve played.

                       S P R I N G

Blossom means that spring’s arrived
     And Easter eggs as well:
Spring means baby chicks are keen
      To break out from their shells.

Spring’s arrived with gentle breeze
      And a sun that’s shining bright -
And I’m off to have some fun today
        And fly my brand new kite.

                     S U M M E R

Summer’s longer days are here
        And here's just what I like:
I’ll go with friends down to the park
       And there I’ll ride my bike.

Summer’s here; guess what I’ll do?
       It’s time for sand and sea.
So goodbye to my friends at school -
      It’s  holidays for me.

                        A U T U M N 

Autumn’s leaves fall from the trees
       And bonfires soon are lit.
I love the fireworks but the bangs
      Are frightening . . . . just a bit.

Halloween’s a lot of fun.
     My pumpkin lantern’s made.
Dressed as witches?  Yes, it's us!
      You’re surely not afraid?


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