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Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Fox and the Goat (The) - Heading .jpg

(Adapted from an Aesop's Fable)

By Josie Whitehead

Fox and the Goat (The)

I’ll tell you a story to make you all smile
Of a clever young fox who used all his guile
     To outwit a goat who was less quick of wit -
     Well, utterly stupid, you’ll have to admit.

Foxy fell in a well and couldn’t get out,
And nobody heard his loud, desperate shout.
Well he bawled and he bellowed as none can deny
     And was noticed at last by a goat walking by.

From above, he looked down at the fox in the well,
And could well understand how Foxy had fell,
     But the fox used his brain and said: 'Oh I am fine.
     I am guarding the water here.  All of it’s mine!'

The goat became angry and loud came his call:
'That water’s not yours.  It’s there for us all!
      Guarding that water’s for certain a sin,'
      And, blinded by anger, the goat then jumped in.

The fox leapt on his back and then out of the well,
And, when hurrying off, the goat heard him yell:
     'Don’t always believe the things that you’re told
     If you want, in your lifetime, to live till you’re old.'

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