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Animal Poems  
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


F  R  E  E  D  O  M

By Josie Whitehead

Freedom - For Younger Children

'I’m free!  I’m free!' called Marcus Mouse

     And ran out through the door,

For being Jamie’s small pet mouse

     Was rather dull, for sure.


'I’m free!  I’m free!' he called again.

    'There’s no more cage for me!

I’ve joined the world of other mice.

    And, like them, I am free.'


A tabby cat pricked up his ears.

    'A stupid mouse!' he said,

And: 'He will make a tasty snack!'

     But Marcus quickly fled.


'A snack for him?  I don’t want that,'

    And off he ran at speed,

But in a tree, right overhead,

    Was someone else, indeed.


'I’ll quickly catch that little mouse,'

    Said Owl up in the tree.

'He’ll make a really tasty meal,'

     As all owls would agree.


But Marcus Mouse heard what he said

     And fled back to his home.

'Oh, life’s much safer in my cage,

     And I never more will roam.'



Copyright on all my poems

What things are dangerous to us all?  Think about the road, electricity, the sea perhaps . . . . . or lots of other things.  Perhaps you have rules in school?  Perhaps animals and birds have their own rules to learn, especially rules for the young, ie 'Don't talk to cats if you are a mouse!'.


In your groups, make a list of five. 

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